The weather at the Nürburgring, home to the 2013 Formula One German Grand Prix, can change throughout the weekend but is usually cold, even during these summer months due to the altitude of the circuit.

Some cloud is expected during tomorrow’s qualifying session but Sunday’s race is expected to be sunny, with a predicted peak temperature of 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).

Current humidity levels are quite high and should remain that way over the weekend, but overall it looks like we’ll be in for a great day of racing come Sunday.

Pirelli has nominated its P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft tires, which is the same used in 2011’s race but of course the compounds are much softer this year, to the chagrin of many teams. Softer tires mean quicker lap times but the tires also degrade quicker, meaning more changes and in some cases complete failures like we saw at last weekend’s British Grand Prix.

So far during Friday’s practice there hasn’t been major problems for teams, though Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari suffered some electrical problems and the Spaniard missed the morning test session.

At the time of writing, Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel posted the fastest time followed by fellow German Nico Rosberg of Mercedes AMG. Vettel’s Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber was the third fastest during the morning session.

Going into tomorrow’s qualifying and Sunday’s eventual race, Sebastian Vettel maintains the lead in the Drivers’ Championship with 132 points, followed by Fernando Alonso with 111 points and Lotus’ Kimi Räikkönen with 98 points.

In the Constructors’ Championship, Red Bull Racing remains the clear leader with 219 points versus the 171 points of Mercedes AMG and the 168 points of Ferrari.


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