For the purposes of this story, we're going to allow you to replace a word from the title. Remove "Adventurous" and insert "Stupidest". Watch the video and you'll see why. This Saudi man was captured riding on the hood of a Crown Vic while said Panther platformer was running down a highway. With a relaxed air about him, the man was seen sending a text message or doing something else requiring that his gaze and hands been focused on his phone.

From there, the man kicked back and seemed to enjoy his truly insane ride.

While we applaud his use of a Crown Vic for any task, we have to say that we think this is incredibly dumb. An endless number of things could happen here that lead to a very bad (or even last) day. Maybe the car in front of the hood rider's hits its brakes, and the Crown Vic driver then needs to get hard on his brakes. That hood will become a short slide ride into doom.

We wish we didn't have to say this but we hope no one out there tries to emulate this video and turn it into a "thing". Still, it's hard not to laugh at this one clip.


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