Subaru is going racing, and the automaker has a brand new team to show off. Partnering up with PUMA, Subaru is sending a handful of rally-prepped WRX STI race machines to the X Games in Barcelona.

The event at hand is Global RallyCross Championship, and the team drivers are Bucky Lasek, Dave Mirra, and Sverre Isachsen. I know what you're thinking, but no, Mr. Lasek did not invent the eye surgery that bears a similar name. That's called LASIK.

Instead, Bucky is an amazing skateboarder who also happens to have a love of all things automotive. Not only that, but the boy can drive, and drive well.

Joining Lasek is Dave Mirra. Mr. Mirra is a true legend on non-motorized two-wheel machines but his skills seem to have translated to flinging cars through the air as well. Sverre Isachsen is the more seasoned of the three, being that he is a three-time European RallyCross Championship winner.

The cars these gents are racing have been prepared by Vermont Sports Car and are rated at 600 horsepower. Subaru is supporting the team as well, which means there is decades of racing knowledge being shared amongst the crew. That knowledge will certainly come into play as the Global RallyCross Championship gets underway.

There are events set to unfold in Barcelona, Spain and Munich, Germany before the series heads Stateside. Here in the U.S. fans can see the RallyCross action in Los Angeles, New Hampshire, at Bristol Motor Speedway, in Atlanta, and at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.


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