The Biggest Loser has proven that weight-loss shows can draw serious attention. Volkswagen must be watching because the German automaker is looking for lower numbers on the scales with the Golf.

According to Edmunds, VW is nearly ready to offer up an optional extra that will help the popular hatchback ditch a few pounds. A carbon fiber roof will be offered up on the performance variants of the hot hatch, which could net weight savings of around 18-20 pounds.

The Mark VII Golf is appearing on the not-too distant horizon, so it's no surprise that we might see some of the weight-saving tech from the newest Golf. There's been a Carbon GTI rumored to make an appearance that will make more extensive use of the lightweight material. We're happy that VW is also offering up the good stuff to those vehicles sitting a bit lower on the vehicular totem pole.

Normally, carbon fiber is a very expensive material with which to work. Automakers are learning new tricks, however, to reduce the cost and utilize the strength and lightness benefits in more applications. By bonding a bit of carbon fiber to a thin layer of steel, which acts as the core of the roof. The carbon fiber adds in the required strength for safety without requiring additional steel or aluminum. Thus a customer is left with a light-weight solution that also happens to look pretty cool as well.