To be honest, no one aspires to a career in the fast-food-drive-through-window-food-delivery industry. The hours are long, the pay is lacking and customers can be less than appreciative of your efforts. It’s a great place to start a career, though, since you gain valuable lessons on hard work, discipline and dealing with the general public.

Sometimes, that public isn’t what you’d expect, as this invisible driver drive-through prank video, seen on eBaum's World, clearly demonstrates. The reactions from restaurant employees are understandably hilarious, but we seriously wonder how the invisible driver paid his tab without being noticed.

We don’t necessarily advise trying this stunt on your own, since the reactions of restaurant window workers will vary considerably. While this video shows the amused ones, we’re sure that all reactions weren’t quite so positive.

All it takes is a pair of seat covers, some cardboard and a hidden camera, though it helps if you use a big car and weigh less than the average American. If you do try this on your own, be sure and let us know how you work out the payment thing.