Automakers used to strive for world records in categories like maximum distance traveled over a 24 hour period, or maximum average speed over time, or even maximum distance traveled on a single tank of gas.

These days, however, world records set by automakers seem just a bit less... substantial. Last June, MINI set a new world record for parking a car in the least amount of space, and just last week BMW’s pop culture brand announced an expedition to the Arctic Circle to deliver the world’s longest letter to Santa Claus.

Since today is Guinness World Records Day, it was a safe bet that MINI would try again for a spot in history, this time for the largest number of people to fit in a MINI Cooper hatchback. While the previous record (set last year) was 27, on today’s attempt the same group of women managed to achieve 28, including four in the trunk.

As if that wasn’t momentous enough, the same group managed to stuff 23 of its members into a classic Mini, live on Britain’s ITC television. Somehow, we find this to be the more impressive record of the two.

While we realize it’s all in good fun, how about some real records from MINI, too? We’re pretty sure that “best lateral acceleration from a production front-wheel-drive car” is up for grabs, as is “best 0 - 60 - 0 mph distance from a production front-wheel-drive car.” Coincidentally, it seems to us that the new John Cooper Works GP is poised for launch.

We get it, MINI: you’re a fun, quirky brand. Just don’t forget that many of your customers buy your cars for their handling, not your obscure world records.