Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.

A nice cruise on some back roads quickly turns into a disaster for one unfortunate Nissan GT-R driver.

As this video from YouTube user Alex Shin shows, an impatient driver of a silver GT-R proceeding in what appears to be a procession of sports cars, made up mostly of more GT-Rs, loses control of his car after attempting an overtaking maneuver. 

The driver of the silver GT-R flies down the oncoming lane, past a truck and then another GT-R. However, a crest in the road sends the overtaking GT-R into the air, its driver hitting the brakes just as a roundabout comes into view.

Upon landing, the GT-R spins out of control, crossing right through the roundabout and then into a roadside field. Fortunately, there wasn’t any other traffic in the roundabout or this could have been a much more severe crash.

It’s unclear if any injuries occurred. As the second video shows, several drivers in the cruise pull over to offer assistance.

Thanks Joel for sending in the tip!