Screenshot from NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

Screenshot from NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

A sequel to last year’s popular NASCAR video game NASCAR The Game 2011 is in the works and is due out in stores this fall.

The new game will be called NASCAR The Game: Inside Line and it's once again being designed for multiple platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii.

Allowing you to hop in the driver's seat of a fully-fledged NASCAR racer, the new game simulates racing with the top NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, teams and cars.

On top of this, it also features all 23 officially licensed NASCAR race tracks.

As mentioned, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line builds on NASCAR The Game 2011 by adding a number of innovative, cutting edge features.

The game’s publisher Activision isn’t giving away all the details yet but has revealed that it will feature a new in-depth career mode and robust online features that include realistic race weekends. This means that players can rise up through the ranks, attract sponsors, and upgrade their car's components in the quest to be the Sprint Cup Series Champion.

Below is a video teaser of the new game featuring Hendrick Motorsports’s Jeff Gordon explaining some of the features.