Under the heading of “things you can do with your car,” there are probably world records for just about any feat you can think of. There’s a world record for driving a loop-the-loop, a record for parallel parking and even one for how many passengers you can stuff into a MINI.

As our own Car Newser reports, there’s even a record for how many simultaneous donuts can be spun by a group of gathered cars. As you can see from this video, even in a venue as large as the parking lot of California’s Infineon Raceway, there isn’t a lot of margin for error.

In fact, some of the passes between cars are a little close for comfort, and we can’t help wonder if a few drivers weren’t exchanging insurance information by the end of the record attempt (although how you’d explain this to your insurance company is beyond us).

In any event, a new world record was reportedly set. Seventy-five cars spun simultaneous donuts for a minimum of fifteen seconds, easily besting the old record of 57 simultaneous donuts set last year in Australia. As Guinness hasn’t officially certified the stunt yet, the record is unofficial, at least for the time being.