Proof that all-wheel drive cars can be upset by too much power, even in a straight line, is this video footage of a drag race between two highly-modified Nissan GT-R supercars.

The driver of the GT-R on the right loses control soon after launching, with his car then proceeding to twist and turn on the blacktop.

While this in itself is nothing all that spectacular, if you continue watching you’ll notice that the out-of-control GT-R comes close to crashing with the protective walls at the side of the drag strip no less than three times.

However, the driver is fortunate enough that on all three occasions his GT-R manages to scrape by without contacting the walls. First there are two close calls on the right-hand side of the strip, and then a third one on the left.

As Jalopnik points out, the incident took place at the recent TX2K12 event at Lonestar Motorsports Park in Texas.

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