Just in case you needed added incentive to visit Modena in Northern Italy, here it is: a museum dedicated to the life of Enzo Ferrari is now officially open.

Unlike the Ferrari Museum in nearby Maranello, the Enzo Ferrari museum focuses more on the man behind Ferrari than on the cars themselves.

Make no mistake about it, there are still plenty of cars on display, all with historical significance and all treated as works of art. Each vehicle shown is surrounded by historical documents, racing memorabilia and, when possible, video footage of the car in action.

The museum facility itself is an interesting blend of old and new. Located in the shadow of the Maserati plant, the Enzo Museum incorporates the birthplace of Ferrari himself, as well as his workshop and a modern structure designed by Future Systems of London.

While the restored factory retains its original look, the futuristic museum is finished in Modena Yellow, the same color chosen by Ferrari for the background of his “prancing horse” emblem. The museum occupies some 54,000 square feet of floor space, and includes a digital archive, a conference room, a cafe and a gift shop.

The museum operates in synergy with the Ferrari museum in Maranello, located just a scant half-hour away. If you’re making a trip to Northern Italy any time soon, we’d recommend you add the Enzo Ferrari Museum to your list of must-see attractions.

Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy

Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy