Toyota FT-86 II concept teaser

Toyota FT-86 II concept teaser

Toyota's dropped a new YouTube video of its FT-86 II concept.

We've talked about the admittedly gorgeous concept so much--as recently as this year's 2011 Geneva Motor Show--we're not sure what else to say about the FT, which embarked a few years ago on a gestation cycle longer than that endured by some of the biggest mammals on the planet.

Since it first bowed in 2009, the FT-86 evolved into the FT-86 II, and it also picked up a sibling in the form of the Subaru BRZ, a car we'll also see on the Frankfurt Auto Show floor, albeit still in concept form.

When it finally arrives, the consensus is the FT and the Subie both will be rear-drive coupes, weighing in at about 3000 pounds, powered by a 200-horsepower, flat-four engine designed by Subaru. Both are expected to get a choice of six-speed manual or six-speed, paddle-shift automatic transmission. A turbocharged STI version may be in the works for the BRZ, but no FT-86 II TRD acronymfest has been putated forth.

If you're patient like us, you're sticking around to see how this story ends. To see how it moves forward, with Treme-style glaciality, watch the video below, and check out the gallery of FT-86 II images from Geneva to compare and contrast the slivers of newness seen here.