Toyota is all about augmenting the outside world at the moment. First it launches the Backseat Driver app to keep your kids entertained with a bubblegum representation of your route ahead, and now they're improving the view outside your windows too.

"Window To The World" is a concept simulation of what augmented reality glass could do for you and your car passengers - particularly children sitting in the back who can find long car journeys pretty tedious.

As a concept, the possibilities are endless. Toyota's video shows a young girl experimenting with some of the possible features. Want to take a closer look at something far in the distance? Pinch and expand motions, as you'd use on a smartphone or tablet PC, can be used to zoom in on distant objects. If you'd like to know how far those objects are that could be possible too with a simple press on the glass.

You wouldn't have to worry about kids drawing faces in the condensation on a window either. One feature could allow them to trace whatever image they like, at which point it becomes a feature of the outside world that you can drive past.

We've looked at augmented reality glass before and Toyota's idea seems like it could be similarly useful, and not just a toy for the kids. Basic commands drawn on the windscreen could alert you to the nearest point of interest, or sync with your sat nav to project directions onto the road.

It may only be a concept, but when the technology has developed it could be the next must-have feature.


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