The new 2012 Hyundai Veloster is still in the process of making its way to showrooms all across the country, coming onto the market with its unique hatchback design and potentially game-changing features and functions.

At the top of its list is a funky quartet of doors. Hyundai calls it a three-door vehicle, but the Veloster has four doors in all, counting the hatchback, the driver-side door, and the pair of doors on its passenger side.

While this odd layout may work for the U.S., and the other markets where this four-door version will be sold, Hyundai is reportedly working on a more conventional five-door model (with two doors on either side of the car plus the rear hatch) for global markets.

The information was revealed by Hyundai’s Overseas Product Planning Manager Eunjoo Shin, who spoke recently to Carsales.

Importantly, this also marks the first time that a Hyundai official has revealed that an alternative variant of the Veloster was in the works. If the report proves true, perhaps we could also be seeing a sporty convertible model one day as well.

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