The latest installment of the brilliant Forza Motorsport series for Xbox 360 is about to bring a whole new sense of realism to the world of racing sims thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect interactive controller technology. Due this fall, Forza Motorsport 4 will allow players to check their side mirrors, look down at the dash or take a look into upcoming corners with just a turn of their head, just like in a real car.

No cumbersome wires or helmets need be worn either, as the Kinect feature will ‘detect’ player movements and relate these on screen in real-time. Other abilities will include visits to interactive showrooms and being able to circle around parked cars.

In addition to the Kinect functionality, the new game will sport even better graphics, more cars and new gameplay modes including a special Top Gear feature. Not only that but there will also be more than 80 different auto manufacturers to choose from, plus famous race tracks from all over the world to compete in.

More details are set to come at next week’s 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) but you can get a quick preview of the technology in the videos below. After that, click here for the game’s previous trailer.