If you own a computer, chances are good that you’ve got it tied into a battery backup just in case the power goes down while you’re hard at work, ignoring the adage to “save early, save often”. If you work in IT, you may even have massive uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units, capable of backing up entire server rooms in case of a power outage.

If you’re willing to spend enough money, you can even buy battery backups that will supply your house with power in the event of an outage, at least temporarily. Soon, there will be another alternative for emergency power backup, and the good news is that you can even drive this particular UPS to work

Mitsubishi will offer a device that allows buyers of their “i” electric car  to use it as an emergency power supply, converting the car’s DC charge into 100v AC current. You’ll be limited to 1,500 watts of power, which translates into 15 amps at 100 volts. In other words, that’s enough power to run many electric appliances, including a small refrigerator or washing machine.  It won’t be enough to run multiple devices at the same time, and at maximum draw a fully charged “i” would only supply about ten and a half hours of electricity.

Still, in a temporary power outage or emergency, any power is better than no power at all, and the i is certainly quieter and cleaner than a gas or diesel-powered generator.

If you live in hurricane country, you know that preparation is a way of life from June through November. The Mitsubishi i represents the best kind of emergency tool: one you can use every day.

[Mitsubishi, via Daily Yomiuri Online]

Mitsubishi 'i' Emergency Power Supply

Mitsubishi 'i' Emergency Power Supply