2011 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

2011 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Spain’s tradition of great weather has rung true for today’s race at Circuit de Catalunya, the site of the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix, with forecasters predicting dry conditions and just a slightly patchy sky. Temperatures should peak at around 78 degrees, which should guarantee plenty of action in the near perfect conditions.

And action we can expect with Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber managing to eclipse the fastest time of his Championship leading teammate Sebastian Vettel in yesterday’s qualifying session. Despite reports that the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) in Vettel’s RB7 race car was malfunctioning, the German youngster still managed to post the second fastest time, although McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, second overall in the points table, was close behind with the third fastest. 

Plaguing many of the drivers’ times was a new harder compound used for the Pirelli tires, which resulted in less grip and slower overall times. In a post qualifying briefing, Webber pointed out that his fastest time at Circuit de Catalunya on Saturday was a full second slower than his pole-winning time last year.

However, with decent weather and the two RBR cars once again at the front of the grid, championship leader Sebastian Vettel looks destined to increase his points gap. Going into today’s race, Vettel leads the points table with 93 points, followed by Lewis Hamilton on 59 and Mark Webber on 55.

Stay tuned for our full race recap of the 2011 Spanish Grand Prix on Monday.


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