It's like something from a racing videogame: Your familiar view through the windshield to the world outside, but with all the information you need projected in front of you less than a glance away.

It's automobile glass repair and replacement company Autoglass's vision of the future and takes the concept of the head-up display (HUD) further than ever before into the realms of augmented reality.

Augmented reality is one of the tech world's buzzwords at the moment sweeping everything from smartphones to the Nintendo 3DS. It usually involves superimposing a creation from the virtual world onto your view of the real world, and we've seen it explored before with satellite navigation systems that display your directions on-screen on the actual road rather than on a computer-generated streetmap.

The Autoglass 2020 vision looks almost like a videogame - your speed and current gear are displayed in one corner along with remaining fuel and the local speed limit, and even the track playing on your stereo is shown.

The system could even interact with your GPS functions to show you local attractions nearby - one screen shows the car recommending a dish at a local pub! If you're getting low on fuel it could also suggest the nearest gas station, and point to it with interactive arrows.

The video takes you around some crowded London streets, and as is often the way in cities, there are several hazards - pedestrians and cyclists are highlighted to ensure you've seen them.

The final party piece is reserved for when your screen picks up damage such as a split from a rock thrown up from traffic in front. The screen glows an ominous shade of red, but dials Autoglass to arrange for a repair or a replacement whilst you continue on your journey.

Dr Chris Davies, head of technical research and innovation at Autoglass, says "Both glass and augmented reality technology are nearing a point where the windscreen can work harder to improve road safety, awareness and driving in general"

The technology could even have an impact upon the car interior as you know it. With vital information displayed on the winscreen, "the traditional dashboard will become obsolete" adds Davies.

Who knows? We may even see augmented reality HUD screens sooner than 2020. In the meantime, you can check out the Autoglass video below:

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