A concept this out of the box just couldn't have come from an actual car company. And it didn't; it's a design study by designer Marko Lukovic.

Fittingly called the Supersonic, the concept utilizes some strategies that have been working for the world's fastest cars for years: long, narrow body; low stance and bullet-train-like nose--all things that will increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Seeing as how this concept appears to be a city commuter, those aerodynamics won't be used for record-breaking speed but rather to efficiently pump as much mileage out of the powertrain as possible.

That powertrain consists of two rear-mounted electric motors, one for each wheel.  Up front, there's just one wheel, so the Supersonic is as much a fully faired, three-wheeled bike as it is a commuter car. The rear-mounted batteries are removable for charging and swapping. 

Inside, the car holds two passengers in 1 + 1 configuration. Because driver vision and the low, glass roof could never coexist, the driver views the road through an LCD screen mounted behind the steering wheel. Front and rear cameras deliver the picture. The roof is actually a photo-sensitive glass with liquid crystal that can lighten and darken as needed.

While the overall design of the concept is purely futuristic--and probably much farther into the future than 2021--certain elements remind me of classic roadsters. The front-end looks like a modernized take on a classic hot rod grille. Similarly those big curves in the rear look like something you'd see speeding away in a Dick Tracy remake. It's clear that Lukovic was looking as much to the past as he was to the future.

I don't anticipate we'll see a narrow-bodied three-wheeler like this anytime soon, but I can't say I'd mind. It seems like a good way of navigating narrow city streets.

[Yanko Design]