The New Yorkizashi Auto Show got underway earlier this week, and Suzuki fulfilled its promise by launching two new concepts based on its Kizashi sedan. Suzuki is saying that the concepts are just design studies at the moment, but given Suzuki's limited lineup we'd be surprised if at least one of them didn't make it to production.

The two concepts are an exercise in automotive contrast: conservative vs. exuberant, efficient vs. fast, plain vs. flashy. The first model fits the first in each of those sets of characteristics. The Kizashi EcoCharge Concept pairs a 2.0-liter I-4 engine with a 15 kW electric motor and 115-Volt lithium-ion battery to deliver an extra 25 percent of highway efficiency over the Kizashi's 30 mpg. The green powertrain is assisted by such components as a start/stop system, regenerative braking and low-resistance tires.

Attractive but subtle exterior features like the blue LED lights and a luminescent white satin paint with blue undercoat complete the hybrid's package.

Moving to the opposite end of the spectrum, there's nothing subtle about the Suzuki Apex Concept. It starts by pulling an extra 100 horses or so out of the sedan's 2.4-liter I-4 engine by adding a turbocharger, reprogrammed engine control unit, electronic boost control and an air-to-liquid intercooler. Suzuki estimates that the Apex will put out between 275 and 300 horses. That engine is paired to a six-speed manual transmission.

As Suzuki promised when it teased the concepts earlier in the month, the Apex draws influence from its motorcycle line, featuring graphics from the GSX-R Superbike. Other notable equipment includes the 19-inch alloy wheels brushed in "burnt asphalt" finish, the Yokohama S.Drive 245/35-R19 tires and a black leather interior.

Though Suzuki didn't indicate any production plans, statements like

"The Kizashi Apex Concept will further elevate our flagship sedan in the U.S. among enthusiasts who crave added power and performance" suggest that it's at least thinking about it.

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