The crazy-futuristic motorcycle from Tron may not be quite as iconic as the Batmobile, but it does offer every bit as much potential for inspiring wild designs. Plus, it's a motorcycle, which is always an advantage when it comes to futuristic movie vehicles.

Sidequesting--a website about video games and beer (gotta' love that)--recently decided to wet its feet in the warm, inviting waters of vehicle design. The site held a contest for the best Tron Light Cycle design. As you could imagine, inviting a bunch of eccentric, creative design enthusiasts to improve upon an already unforgettable, over-the-top motorcycle resulted in some astounding renderings.

Earlier this week, Sidequesting picked its international and American winners, each of whom received a copy of the book Art of Tron Legacy and two Light Cycle toys, not to mention bragging rights on having designed the most awesome Light Cycle in the world.

The American prize was awarded to John A. Frye of South Pasadena, California. His design (above) is sort of a full-on Tron chopper, with big, light-ring wheels strung together with an exaggeratedly long fork and bold, powerful body.

Sidquesting describes its reaction to Frye's piece: "

It brought us a vision of a biker gang coming to the world of Tron, with tuned cycles and cruises around a digital landscape."

Interestingly, the international winning design is a complete contrast to the American bike. Designed by Raphael Laurent of Switzerland, the design has the driver leaning fully forward, with his feet on rear-wheel pegs and his hands grasping handlebars mounted to the front wheels. It's a pretty polar opposite to Frye's rear-oriented design.

Take a look at that model and the runners up at Sidequesting; you won't be sorry.