As iconic as the Batmobile is, it's constantly evolving. Every new TV show, cartoon and movie series brings a new iteration of the Batmobile with new features.

The blog Car Design Fetish recently tapped the bottomless creativity and ingenuity of the design world in order to come up with the next Batmobile. They called it the Batmobile Design Competition. We call it an awesome idea.

The site recently picked both its American winner and its international winner, and the future of Batman has been born--well, probably not the actual future of Batman, but at least a look at what could be.

The international winning design (pictured above) was penned by Matt Gould. From the side, it looks something like Batmobile: World Speed Record Edition, combining a long, streamliner-like body with a pointed, aerodynamic nose and curvaceous wheel arches. When viewed head-on, we see that it's not actually a cylindrical streamliner, but more of a long, robust car with a narrow rear track and wider front track. Either way, a criminal had better stop driving and start praying because he's not escaping the likes of that thing.

The American winner was Paul Denton, whose design is a little more abstract and artsy, featuring a shadowy rendering of an angular Batmobile with a rather animalistic Batman perched on top.  Car Design Fetish likes the brooding tone of the rendering.

The site sums up Denton's design: "Paul's rendering captures that "bad ass" feel of the Dark Knight: it's moody, menacing, and full of drama."

Check out all of the designs and decide which one you'd like to see your favorite caped crusader behind the wheel of.