Hyundai used this week's Seoul Motor Show to present a new concept that it calls Blue2. The name, which is meant to be said "Blue Squared," is derived from Hyundai's Blue sub-brand, with the 2 pulled from hydrogen/H2.

Hydrogen of course, is the car's power source. The hydrogen fuel cell powers an electric motor that puts out up to around 120 horses. The concept boasts 82 mpg worth of fuel efficiency, according to Hyundai.

Designed to showcase Hyundai's new direction of "New Thinking. New Possibilities.", the concept is more than just a clean powertrain. It features all kinds of innovative, next-gen technology inside and out. The car uses a recognition system, which identifies its driver and automatically opens the door for him, rolling out the proverbial red carpet. Cameras on the sides and roof replace traditional rear-view mirrors. Low-resistance tires and aerodynamic alloy wheels help to maximize the fuel-cell EV's efficiency.

The technological angle of the concept continues inside, where drivers make use of a transparent organic LED display and control infotainment options by what Hyundai calls a "Motion Sensor Moustick." Rear passengers will forget that they're even on a long drive thanks to the tablet computer docks built right into the headrests. The docks support both landscape and portrait views. Meanwhile, a cluster ionizer keeps the air inside the cabin fresh even when the windows are rolled up.

No word on any production plans on this one, but Hyundai is hoping to use new concepts and technologies like this to position itself as the "most loved" car company.

Steve S. Yang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor, explained in a statement: "We will ceaselessly introduce world-class products of the best quality to overcome the difficult market environment and turn it into an opportunity, while modestly listening to the voice of the customer."