MINI’s string of recent concept cars have a tradition of heading straight to production, except for perhaps the rugged Beachcomber, which was deemed too unsafe for the real world due to its lack of doors.

With the unveiling of the latest MINI Rocketman concept, we could soon have yet another MINI variant on our hands if the words of BMW sales and marketing boss Ian Robertson are to be believed.

Speaking with Autocar recently, Robertson pointed out that most MINI concepts do eventually end up in the showroom, strongly suggesting that the Rocketman will too. The concept is described as a ‘mini’ MINI and if built could potentially be the cheapest model in the iconic brand’s lineup.

However, the Rocketman should not be looked at in isolation. Robertson also explained that the themes presented in the concept preview elements that will feature in most of MINI’s future lineup. Things like lightweight construction, new styling and most importantly a brand new front-wheel drive platform.

The first models to be influenced by the Rocketman are likely to be the new MINI Coupe and Roadster due later this year and in 2012, respectively. In the meantime, read up on the MINI Rocketman concept in our previous post by clicking here.