Top Gear China pilot

Top Gear China pilot

There have been rumblings that a new edition of the Top Gear franchise, one filmed in China, was in the works, and today we have news that a pilot for the new show has been produced. Carrying the title of Top Gear China, if successful the pilot will eventually lead to a full series.

Top Gear China will follow a similar format to the original British production, with a trio of male hosts and plenty of antics involving cars. However, as we’ve seen with similar attempts, such as Top Gear Australia and Top Gear USA, the latter just being approved for a second season, matching the original for quality and humor is certainly a tough task.

Speaking with China’s Global Times, one of the hosts, comedian and TV personality Cao Yunjin, said Top Gear China won’t be as crazy as the British version, referring to an episode where a Maserati was pushed off a three-story building.

Its producers are also wary of China’s strict Chinese censors.

As for the actual pilot, the highlight is a test between a Cadillac and a donkey to see which is more effective at pushing millstones around a farmyard.

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