Lotus Cosworth IndyCar

Lotus Cosworth IndyCar

Lotus has confirmed that it has signed a five year deal with the IZOD IndyCar Series to supply engines and aero kits starting from 2012.

The sports car company from Hethel, UK will also create a motorsport facility in Indianapolis, giving it a base in the thick of the action for the latest race series as well as being close to IndyCar engine and aero kit customers.

Lotus is an ideal candidate for the deal, with a long history of motorsport participation behind it and extensive research conducted in the fields of E85 bio fuels and forced inducted performance. Additionally, as you would expect from one of the pioneers of aerodynamics in motorsports over the years, Lotus’ aero kit should prove effective in the series.

The Lotus IndyCar engine will follow the agreed rules: namely, 2.4-liters, up to six cylinders and turbocharged and producing between 550 and 700 horsepower. All engines will run on E85 with additional details on the fuel platform to be announced at a later date. Lotus now joins Honda and Chevrolet as an official engine supplier of the series.