State of Alabama seal

State of Alabama seal

The great state of Alabama may not always be a pioneer, except in barbecue or football.

Despite the state's restrictive sales laws, Alabama will be the first place in the union where you can buy adult toys at the drive-thru.

While nearby Louisiana sticks with tried-and-true drive-thru daiquiri sales, Alabama's first drive-by, um, self-service lane will open in Huntsville.

Sherri Williams owns Pleasures, the store that will carve out a new frontier in drive-thru marketing. She says it's just the latest scene in a long-running legal drama that has sought to overturn tough Alabama laws on all kinds of adult material.

The state bans sales of any adult-related novelty items except by medical or legal need. The law effectively was upheld in 2007 when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to overturn a state court ruling.

Williams tells that to comply with the law, her store will only dispense products to people submitting a medical questionnaire outlining their specific need for the device or devices. The products will be dispensed by her employees, and will be hand-delivered in brown paper bags.

"Adult stores don't have to be hidden in back alleys," she told the website.

Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard brushed aside concern over the new services.

"We've got our hands full on a lot more pressing issues," he stated.

The three-lane drive-thru is located on University Drive, in downtown Huntsville, in a building that formerly housed a bank and later, a jewelry store.