Chevrolet has released information on the four Camaros it is bringing to this week's SEMA show in Las Vegas, and here's the skinny.

First up, we have the Synergy Series 2011 Camaro. Chevy is going to be releasing a special-edition Camaro every year, with each car showing different approaches to aftermarket customization. These cars will be part of the Synergy Series.

The series started with the 2010 Synergy Green Camaro, and due to that car's popularity, Chevy has decided to extend the series. The 2011 edition is based on the Camaro Chroma, which was first shown at last year's SEMA show. The 2011 Synergy uses a mix of interior and exterior modifications, and it offers certain combinations not available on other production Camaros, such as a gray interior with red stitching.

The 2011 Synergy car will be available with four exterior paint colors--Cyber Gray, Victory Red, Summit White, and black. The car is available with the V-8 engine in 2SS guise, and with the V-6 as a 2LT with the RS package. Chevrolet will begin production of this car in limited numbers in the first quarter of 2011.

The car that Chevy is bringing to SEMA is a 2SS with the V-8 and six-speed manual transmission. It has the Cyber Gray exterior, the gray interior with red stitching, 21-inch wheels, a unique grille and ground effects, a body-color antenna, unique floor mats and interior trim, a red engine cover, a lowering kit, a Hurst shifter, and Brembo brake calipers. Not all items are factory production (the lowering kit is a licensed accessory) and some pieces, such as Brembo brake calipers, are SS-only.

Next up is the Red Flash Camaro. This car is all about the audio/visual experience. Highlights include the Red Jewel exterior paint job, gray hood stripes, a rear-wing spoiler, body color ground effects and radio antenna, 21-inch wheels, unique badging, unique interior trim, and a racing-inspired steering wheel to go along with racing pedals. Performance highlights include a Hurst shifter and an engine cover that matches the exterior paint. So far, the Red Flash appears to be only a show car.

Weekend warriors will be drawn to the SSX Track Car Concept. The idea behind this concept is to turn a Camaro SS into a dedicated race-ready car. Chevy does so by adding a camshaft, cylinder heads, and a dry-sump system from Chevrolet Performance Parts, the Corvette ZR1's twin-disc clutch, race-ready suspension and brakes, 20-inch wheels, and a less-restrictive air-intake and exhaust system. Also in the mix: A fuel cell, a roll-cage and roll-cage mounted video camera, a fire-suppression system, a window net, racing pedals, racing steering wheel and shifter, and a racing driver's seat. The carpet, sound deadener, and rear seat are deleted, and the exterior gets an Icy White Metallic paint job with red accents while the hood, front fenders, deck lid and doors are all made of carbon fiber. Finishing off the look are unique lower grille work and brake ducts. This car is only a concept, for now.

Finally, we have the XM Accessory Appearance Package Camaro, which is based on the V-6 car. With an Imperial Blue paint job, 21-inch wheels, a unique grille, a rear spoiler, body graphics, an interior trim kit, and a cold-air induction, among other changes, this car is meant more for show than go. The interior trim kit and cold-air induction are concept bits, and when it goes on sale in 2011, a one-year subscription to XM satellite radio will be included.