2012 Boss Mustang

2012 Boss Mustang

Ford hasn't yet released the official production numbers for the 2012 Boss Mustang, but a bookstore might have.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Borders, the bookstore chain, may have inadvertently released the Boss's planned production numbers.

How? By producing a preview to an upcoming book, Boss Mustang: The Return of the Baddest Mustang of all Time The book is due next April and Border's description of the book gives these details:

For the 2012 model year, Ford is at long last reviving the most revered of all Mustang models. The Boss is back. As with the first iteration, the new Boss Mustang will be built for two model years only, and just 4,000 cars will be produced each year: 3,500 street cars and 500 “R” race cars.

Doing the math, that means full production will be limited to just 8,000 models, if that information is true. At this point, though, there is no way to know if that's true or not, and even if those numbers are correct, Ford could change plans. This is a story that bears watching if you're a Mustang geek.

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