Amoritz GT DR7 supercar teaser

Amoritz GT DR7 supercar teaser

The Amoritz name would probably be unfamiliar in most automotive circles. That’s because it doesn’t hail from the U.S. or Europe, but rather it comes from Brazil. Amoritz is the name of a new supercar start-up, whose first product, the GT DR7, has been previewed today in teaser form.

The car has been designed by Brazilian native Fernando Morita and its development is being funded by an unnamed source. Featuring a very cab-forward design and a classic supercar wedge shape, the GT DR7 looks very much like a Lamborghini on steroids and that is saying a lot.

To match its hyper-aggressive appearance, the car will be powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the same 8.4-liter V-10 engine found in the Dodge Viper. It wouldn’t be a South American supercar without some form of flex-fuel capability and in this area the GT DR7 doesn’t disappoint--Amoritz claims the car run on pure ethanol. Expect the final output of its V-10 to be somewhere beyond the 600 horsepower mark.

Other details include a central driving position similar to that seen in the McLaren F1 from the 1990s, as well as different wheel sizes for the front and rear axles.

Amoritz is planning to unveil its new GT DR7 for the first time in October so stay tuned for an update.

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