The 2011 Ford Fiesta is a car a lot of people are looking forward to seeing in American dealerships. It is also a car that has gotten a lot of press from the Top Gear  video we shared with you earlier to the American Idol contest involving paint ball and the Fiesta. Then of course there are the slew of Fiesta Movement agent videos and adventures through what can only be called an ingenious PR move by Ford and their agencies. However, as you might have gathered from our previous report on college students racing a Fiesta (more here), Ford is looking to race the profile of there compact car beyond the urban jungle.Ford has gone as far as creating a European version called the RS500 that has been referred to as the "Ultimate Performance Ford" and a Rally version for the S-WRC called the S2000. That isn't all though, Ford is also planning a WRC car based on the 2011 Ford Fiesta chassis and motor. Check out the video below for some cool Rally shots and details on what Ford has up their sleeve.