Last week we learned that Paris Hilton is able to pump her own gas. (Even though she looked a little confused by the process. Or maybe she was simply admiring her sweet Bentley Continental GTC.) Now comes shocking photo evidence that the heiress is perfectly capable of pumping gas...for others.

Okay, technically, this is all part of a stunt -- a Candid Camera kind of thing, wherein Paris plays the role of gas station attendant and punks unsuspecting drivers like this woman, who was just planning to fill up her Ford Expedition, grab some brews, and head on out to the softball mound. No word on why Paris bailed before this particular job was done. Maybe all those fumes reminded her that it's happy hour somewhere in the world, and she jetted off to catch a flight for Tokyo.

There's a lot going on in this shot, and we could probably concoct countless puns about Paris pumping or finishing a job, but we're above that. You're on your own. We can't do everything around here.