Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

Let us be perfectly clear: Dustin Hoffman is pretty damn awesome. For one, his breakout role was in The Graduate opposite the late, great Anne Bancroft. For two, he's aging gracefully and looks like he could feasibly be 72 instead of some indeterminate stretched and pulled blob of silicone. And for three, he is a man of mystery.

Hoffman is pretty low-key on the publicity front (unlike others in his circle who insist on finding the paparazzi in every gas station parking lot). He's generally kept his private life private, so there's a lot left to know about the guy. This photo alone raises numerous questions:

1.  Why is Dustin smiling? Has he been nominated for another award for acting or humanitarian efforts or just for being a nice guy? (Seriously: if there's one thing that annoys us about DH, it's the fact that he's such a mensch. Surely no one can be that cool all the time. Can he?)

2. Who put that hipster air freshener on the rear-view mirror? We can't believe Dustin would do that himself, unless maybe he received it as a gag gift and was trying to be polite. We're going to take the easy route and assume this is someone else's car -- possibly one of his son's. Which begs the question:

3. What is he driving? Some on staff insist it's a Cadillac, but we're willing to take suggestions. However, no matter what make/model this may be:

4. Why does an Oscar-winner drive a car with manual seat-adjustment? In fact, why does an Oscar-winner drive a car with manual anything?

So many questions, so few answers. He's like a human Tootsie Pop: the world may never know.

[SocialiteLife, with input from the Peanut Gallery]