Though it has already been ruled out for Europe where diesel is king, the 2010 Lexus HS 250h dedicated hybrid sedan is planned for the U.S. If early sales reports out of Japan are any indication, the HS should prove a bigger hit than some might have predicted. Over 1,500 buyers have placed orders for the car in its homeland.

The HS 250h won't actually arrive in any garages until later this summer, both in the U.S. and Japan, but sales have already tripled the carmaker's monthly target for Japan.

There is even some discussion that some of the sales of the HS could be due to the blockbuster demand for the new 2010 Toytota Prius pushing delivery back by 8 months. Customers that don't want to wait might be switching their orders to the more luxurious, if somewhat less efficient, hybrid Lexus.

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Via: AllCarsElectric