Even millionaires can find it hard to fall in love but at least they will always have their luxury and high-performance cars to keep them happy. A new matchmaking service now offers a package that takes full advantage of this trend.

The 4M Club matchmaking service is now offering a new deal under its oddly named ‘Rolls Royce’ package, whereby clients not receive a hot date but they also get a fully custom Tesla all-electric Roadster thrown in. Available throughout all of 2009, the package starts at around $250,000 and if the client doesn’t want the car 4M is willing to negotiate on the final price.

Private matchmaking isn't new. It's been around for years and is becoming much more socially acceptable, especially in the advent of Internet dating. 4M’s Rolls Royce plan is targeted at the multimillionaire bachelor tired of hanging out and spending holidays alone.

4M’s Christine Stelmack explains that the package is designed for the bachelor looking for the love-of-his-life, but doesn't have time or know where to find her. “He's discovered dabbling online is labor intensive with little or no rewards. Most have found Internet dating counter-productive and quickly give up,” she said.

The 4M’s headquarters are in downtown Seattle, but usually interview onsite in the client's own city or wherever they wish. 4M works with clients throughout the world and also offers smaller packages, with prices starting at $25,000.