Times Square in New York may be one of the most famous landmarks in the world, thanks to its stunning array of giant, lit-up billboards and location for the city’s world famous New Years Eve celebrations, but the area will be experiencing drastic changes in the near future as the local government imposes traffic bans on it.

The move will mean that the usual cacophony of car horns and yelling won't be present in Times Square anymore, leaving the area free for pedestrians to use. At the moment, city officials are only looking at banning cars between 42nd and 47th streets, as well as between 33rd and 35th streets at Herald Square.

Instead of cars dominating the area, pedestrian plazas will spring up where tourists and locals can roam Times Square and shop and relax without having to worry about vehicles. New York City's transport commissioner Janet Sadik-Khan explained to the Associated Press that the move was actually "good for traffic" as well as businesses. She went on to add that it will also help reduce pollution and pedestrian accidents in the area.

While it may be strange for New York's Times Square to appear without cars, city officials are expecting the public to embrace the move, while local shopkeepers are also expecting business to pick up.

The news comes as we see major metropolises around the world struggle to cope with booming populations and traffic flow problems. Already we've seen other cities implement car-free zones, as well as introduce congestion charges to help keep the roads a little clearer.