A lot of discussion goes into the topic of finding synergies within the auto industry, but few big, successful examples show what that looks like. The disastrously failed attempts - DaimlerChrysler, for example - are more well-known. But Magna's gambit to win Opel and now Saturn from the rapidly disintegrating General Motors may prove to be an example of what happens when things go right.

Magna was one of three bidders that submitted a plan to takeover Opel's operations yesterday. While it will have to beat Fiat to the deal, there is already tension both in Italy and Germany over Fiat's interest, potentially leaving Magna as a best compromise choice.

Over the last several years, Saturn has been working hard to align itself with and base its lineup on Opel's offerings. That means a lot of the work in getting the two brands on the same page has already been done.

That just leaves Magna to put the two pieces together into a puzzle that's already been worked out. Of course, as The Deal's Matthew Wurtzel points out, that means GM would essentially be making a competitor out of its cast away parts.

Magna's investment in Opel would only secure a minority stake, however, with Russia's GAZ group and a consortium of banks also buying in. What that might mean for a Magna-Opel-Saturn mega-brand isn't clear, but it certainly adds complications - potentially disastrous ones.