A little over a week ago we reported on Porsche's financial troubles and the company’s attempts to seek a lifeline from both the German government and outside investors - namely in the form of an investment from the Gulf state of Qatar.

More details have since emerged about Qatar's interest in Porsche, with reports indicating that CEO Wendelin Wiedeking is currently in discussions with the Qatar Investment Authority in regards to the sale of a 25% stake in the company. Now, Germany’s Der Spiegel is reporting that a majority of members in two families that control Porsche are backing a deal to sell a stake in the company to the Qatar-based investors.

The two controlling families are the Porsches and Piechs, both of which have so far never allowed outsiders to acquire any of the company. A special meeting over the matter is expected to take place next month and if approval is given the stake could be sold by September.

The report also claimed that investment bank Credit Suisse has already completed their due diligence for the deal.

While it remains uncertain just how much the Qatar Investment Authority is willing to pay, a 25% stake in Porsche is estimated to be worth close to €2.05 billion, with the whole company given a market value of more than €8 billion.

Should the deal go ahead, the rather significant cash injection may allow Porsche to gain the upper hand in negotiations with Volkswagen regarding a possible merger. Porsche's previous actions to take over the Volkswagen Group have been tempered recently by its large debts, which caused the company to reconsider the move. Purchasing over 50% of VW's shares left Porsche with a massive debt estimated to be greater than €9 billion ($12.6 billion).

In the meantime, Porsche will continue negotiations with the German government in regards to loans as well as seek the investment from Qatar.