In an unusually high-tech concept, Mitsubishi is promoting its new Colt with a sort of Internet scavenger hunt. The first user to find and download all the parts of the car, scattered around various BitTorrent sites, will win a free car.

There are 30 parts in total, and the process is centered on the timing of the Barcelona Motor Show, starting May 8. The contest does appear to be limited to Spain, however, so be prepared to travel if you win from another location.

It's definitely a novel concept and an interesting way to get a younger audience interested in the car. Once those techies are hooked, however, Mitsubishi will have to follow through with a properly gadget-friendly vehicle.

The little Colt hatch is definitely forward-looking with its diminutive size and 45mpg (5.2L/100km) combined-cycle efficiency rating, but the Internet hardcore that will be seeking this prize out may find its rather Spartan selection of electronics lacking.

On the other hand, people that use BitTorrent are definitely fans of free fun, so the Colt could be just what they're after. At any rate, it's a surprisingly fresh idea in the world of car promotion.

If you want that Colt, however, you'd better get started - the search is already underway, with 44% of the parts found. Next up is a speedometer.
Via: TorrentFreak

Mitsubishi's 'Download a Colt for Free' game trailer