There's a reason stunt drivers are at the wheel of the supercars in those high-speed chase scenes, and it's not just that the actors can't be trusted behind the wheel. It turns out weaving in and out of traffic, even when in a controlled environment, can be dangerous. A wreck of a Ferrari into a Times Square store front on Tuesday followed by an X5 jumping a curb into a crowd of people today illustrates that point sharply.

The film, 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice', will star Nicholas Cage when it debuts in summer 2010. It tells the highly plausible story of a student that's brought in to work for a sorcerer. Apparently the conjurer's skills don't include spells for safety, driving skills, or an injury-free workplace.

Todays accident injured 9 people after the BMW X5 driven by Laura Conti struck a parked car and jumped the curb, reports the AP. No one was seriously hurt, but the second accident in as many days has people on the set speculating about a possible 'curse'.

Yesterday's accident involved much more property damage. Running quickly through traffic on wet asphalt down the middle of New York's Times Square, the F430 simply lost traction at the rear and slowly spun about 90 degrees as the driver tried to regain control. Unable to stop in time on the compromised surface, the car ran up the curb and made impact with a pole and the front of a store. All of the cars involved were part of the movie shoot.

One pedestrian was hit by the falling pole and was injured on the head, while another's foot was hurt. Neither was seriously wounded.