It seems like almost every other day another fledgling car company announces plans for a new all-electric sports car. This time around its American start-up Sigma Motorworks, which is currently developing a new prototype for its GTE sports car due early next year.

There must be something inherently appealing about electric sports cars that have venture capitalists lining up around the block, but at least there will be some interesting cars hitting the market in the next few years.

According to Sigma, its GTE prototype is more innovative than other offerings on the market due to its twin DC motor design. The twin powertrains are connected directly (i.e. with no gearbox) to the front and rear Ford-sourced differentials, and together the motors will be outputting around 200hp (147kW) to all four wheels. Maximum speed is a claimed 145mph and the lithium-ion cell packs should provide up to 100 miles range - enough for most commuters these days.

The prototype was built around a Ford Mustang cockpit, presumably to give the car greater safety credentials, and will be capable of fitting four people. While it may be a Mustang cockpit, the body itself was designed by Sigma and is made of reinforced fiberglass.

Development is nearing the final stages and a number of the cars are already testing around the streets near Sigma’s headquarters in James Island, South Carolina.