Fiat will finally see the introduction of its first dual-clutch transmission later this year, with the stylish Alfa Romeo MiTo hatchback first in line to receive the fuel-saving gearbox. The particular unit is a six-speed gearbox with a dry dual-clutch system that was developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) and BorgWarner.

BorgWarner is actually supplying its DualTronic transmission control system for the gearbox, which will come in three different flavors under the ‘C635’ family. Each particular unit has been designed to accommodate varying torque and rpm levels.

The DualTronic transmission control system employs high pressure electro-hydraulic solenoids working in combination with an on-demand electrically driven hydraulic pump to reduce fuel consumption. Incidentally, BorgWarner has been supplying Fiat with gearbox technology for more than ten years. Previous technologies included the solenoids for Fiat's Selespeed and Freechoice automated manual transmissions.

The latest control module is based on proven solenoid designs engineered and produced by BorgWarner's facility in Monaco, which has supplied solenoids for Selespeed and Freechoice automated manual transmissions (AMT) for over 10 years and will also produce high pressure solenoids for the automated manual version of the C635 transmission, available in late 2010.

After the introduction in the MiTo later this year, Fiat will expand the gearboxes to wider range of vehicles including models under its Fiat label, as well as Lancia. Some of the other models include the upcoming Alfa Romeo Guilia and next-generation 159 sedan.