Small companies developing electric supercars with Ferrari-rivalling performance may seem fairly common these days, and the latest entrant into this niche market segment - the Liv Inizio - seems determined to follow in the footsteps of other fledgling electric car start-ups.

EV Innovations, the company behind the previous Liv Rush and the new Liv Inizio, has been in the business of converting conventional combustion engine cars into electric cars for some time now, with a model range that boasts the likes of a Toyota Yaris, a Mini Cooper and a Smart ForTwo, among others. But its latest effort, the Inizio, will be a little more potent than those city runabouts, with early estimates giving the electric supercar a four-second sprint to 62mph and a 159mph (257km/h) top speed.

But does the Inizio have the right glamor appeal that is so necessary for selling an electric supercar? While companies such as Tesla and Fisker have been on the world stage for some time now with Hollywood stars competing for space on their order lists, the makers of the Inizio have previously made its Liv Rush electric sports car exclusively available to Sam's Club.

Despite the lack of celebrity backing, the Inizio does have certain things going for it. The driving range, for example, is a claimed 200 miles - significantly more than the Fisker Karma's estimated electric only range of 50 miles.

Pricing for the Inizio has been set at $139,000, which is steep but considering its performance and uniqueness we’re sure there will be some takers. More information should be revealed following the car’s debut next month at the New York Auto Show.