Following the announcement of the proposed alliance between Fiat and Chrysler in January, the question on everybody’s lips was which European top-sellers were finally going to come to North America. Stylish compact cars like the Fiat 500 and Bravo were suddenly a very real possibility for North America but those are just two of a handful of new models that could make their way Stateside.

Up to seven different models from Fiat and Alfa Romeo could be sold locally, and latest reports indicate that one of these could be sold under the Jeep brand. To help meet impending CAFE regulations, which will require carmaker fleets to average 35mpg by 2020, Chrysler may sell the compact Fiat Panda Cross soft-roader as a Jeep. The Panda Cross packs a 1.3L turbodiesel engine and achieves up to 40mpg in fuel-economy.

According to Chrysler's viability plan submitted to the Treasury Department last month, the small Jeep is scheduled to arrive in 2011. The plan includes the five other Fiat-based vehicles that will be sold under the Chrysler and Dodge brands. In addition, Chrysler factories may build Fiat and Alfa Romeo-badged vehicles and four of these will eventually be available with electric and hybrid options.

The other models, according to Automotive News, include the aforementioned Fiat 500, Fiat Grande Punto, a new compact sedan based on Fiat’s C-Evo platform, a compact crossover also based on the C-Evo and a midsize sedan based on a new D-Evo platform (essentially a stretched C-Evo platform). For more detailed information about the individual models, check out our previous story by clicking here.

Of course, all is hinging on whether or not Chrysler can secure more federal aid to help fund the alliance. In the meantime, both Chrysler and Fiat are conducting due diligence for the deal and so far there hasn't been any ill will towards it going through.