Infiniti’s 3.7L V6 engine from the current G lineup of cars already has one of the highest specific horsepower outputs of any production naturally aspirated V6 engine, with the most powerful unit, found in the G37 Convertible, delivering a healthy 328hp (245kW). However, in less than a year this engine, still without the aid of any form of forced induction, will be producing upwards of 350hp (261kW).

This is because of the application of direct-injection technology, which Car and Driver reports will first appear in the next-generation M sedan due early next year. Infiniti has already previewed the engine in its recently revealed Infiniti Essence concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, where it was also fitted with a pair of turbochargers and a hybrid drive system for a combined output of 592hp (442kW).

With direct-injection, a feature that injects fuel directly into the cylinder rather than in the intake ports, Infiniti will not only boost power but it will also help reduce fuel consumption. After the M sedan, which will likely be called the M37, the updated engine will also make its way across to the G37 range of vehicles as well as the EX and possibly even the FX crossovers.

As for the Essence concept’s full blown twin-turbo hybrid system, salivating fans will have to wait a few more years as Infiniti is planning a new V8 engine for its range-topping models. Infiniti, and its parent Nissan, wants to reduce the number of V8 engines from the current two to just one. This means that the companies SUV and truck models will be fitted with the same mill as their passenger cars. Expect this new engine to also be equipped with power boosting direct-injection technology.