A one-of-a-kind Dodge Viper tuned by McLaren has been put up for sale, with an asking price that comes close to $295,000. Known as the ASC Diamondback Viper, the car was first unveiled by American Specialty Cars (ASC) back at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show featuring a bevy of performance modifications designed to increase the power-to-weight ratio of the car.

Following this goal, reducing weight and increasing power were to the two major focuses of ASC and the American-based McLaren Performance Technologies (the performance workshop was started by the Bruce McLaren behind the F1 team). When ASC was eventually satisfied with the car, the 615hp (459kW) Diamondback Viper ended up with a carbon-fiber roof, as well as a carbon deck lid, rockers, fascia inserts, body trim and a massive carbon hood that shows off ten unique trumpeted air intakes with their individual port throttles peeking through— a throwback to McLaren Can-Am engines of the past.

ASC's effort to lighten the car resulted in weight savings of around 85 lbs, helping to catapult it to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds. While the current generation of Dodge Viper models will hit 60mph in a similar time, the 2006 model on which the Diamondback Viper is based took closer to 4 seconds, meaning that McLaren and ASC managed to improve sprint time by almost 13%.

Apart from being a unique, one-off Dodge Viper special tuned by McLaren, the Diamondback Viper has other unique characteristics that should help a potential buyer justify the extravagant price. The custom paintjob sees the car decked out in Arctic White, with 'Viper Blue' and 'McLaren Red' pinstripes.

While the asking price may seem a little steep, the concept reportedly cost ASC around $750,000 to create and it has only done 55 miles since it was built - resulting in depreciation of around $8,180 for every mile it has been driven. Head over to Dodge Vipers for Sale for all the details.