First sighted at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month, the Microcar M.GO Electric is an all-electric city car with the proportions of the Toyota iQ or Daimler Smart ForTwo, but offering up to 87mi (140km) of driving range on batteries alone.

Powered by a rechargeable battery pack that takes less than 4 hours to reach 100% of capacity, the M.GO focuses on light weight and small size to enhance its range. Depending on speed and use, the M.GO is good for somewhere between 50-87mi (80-140km). Performance data has not been announced outside of the car's 28mph (45km/h) top speed, restricting the car's practical use to urban centers and quiet neighborhoods only.

The car is targeted for a Q2 2009 production date, though some examples are already on the street. The car is well beyond the prototype stage; the models in testing are already at full-production spec according to the manufacturer.

A range of variants with differing driving ranges and top speeds are expected once the car hits full production, with one model capable of a top speed of 50mph, though at the cost of somewhat reduced range.