After universally sour September sales, the car industry is reeling despite the longer-term boon that the $25 billion loan deal may provide. Weak credit is believed to be the primary culprit of the especially low sales figures, and so Toyota is taking steps to combat that problem by offering its own 0% financing incentive on 11 select models in the U.S.

Following in the footsteps of its Detroit-based counterparts, Toyota has somewhat uncharacteristically bowed to the pressure of the market and sweetened its deals with the financing offer. The move is one that smacks of necessity, however, as the company faced a 32% sales decline last month. The 0% deal marks the first time in almost 7 years Toyota has made such an offer.

Making finance-based incentive offers in the current market may seem a bit odd, but the company's Toyota Motor Credit financing business is surprisingly strong despite the faltering credit market. Using that strength to leverage more sales at a time when many carmakers can do little or nothing along similar lines could yield a competitive advantage, turning the seemingly desperate incentive into a strong position. The company's attitude in making the offer is befittingly aggressive, though it's only speculation as to what may underlie that aggressiveness at this point.

The 11 cars, SUVs, pickups and crossovers that will be able to take advantage of the offer include:

FJ Cruiser