After months of development, analysis, and examination of feedback, we can finally present to you, our readers, one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable automotive news sites on the planet - the all-new MotorAuthority. Latest features include a dedicated gallery and video system, full F1 motorsport coverage, regular reviews, interactive blogs, and a hierarchy of stories organized by importance.

We are also launching for the first time MotorAuthority Forums, which will have a dedicated thread for every posted story and is linked to the comments system. In response to reader feedback, heated discussions on older stories can now continue, unabated, in this section. Old stories that already have comments have been closed due to the nature of our new reader registration system but you are free to open a thread for the same topic in our forums and continue the discussion there. We realize this is a small setback for some readers however it was the best approach for the site to move forward.

Our RSS feed has also been revamped and now displays more text, the main image, and links to the story galleries.

Thanks and recognition must go out to all our loyal readers who have allowed MotorAuthority to become what it is today, and who have stuck with us since the site’s inception more than two years ago. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Gratitude must also be given to the new website's extremely talented primary developer Devin Zuczek and our equally talented designer Michael LaFramboise whose hours of toil and dedication have generated what you see today.

As a reader of this site, you can rest assured that only the most accurate and relevant information will be presented - and always in a professional and independent manner. We acknowledge that mistakes can and have been made in the past, however, as always every reasonable effort is made to verify information and no inaccuracies have ever been made intentionally. We have also distanced ourselves from the multitude of automotive sites and blogs that claim to be credible and reliable sources of news but deliberately publish erroneous stories purely for tabloid purposes and to create controversy. At MotorAuthority, we endeavour to bring you the interesting, unique and unbiased news that you know us for.

We hope you enjoy our updated site and promise that you can look forward to more content, plus our continual dedication to reporting on the most exciting and up-to-date happenings in the automotive world.

Thank you once again from all of us at MotorAuthority.