What do you do when an already boring family sedan is on its last legs? Get a famous tuning house to spruce it up with a few go-fast bits and label it an R-Tune. That’s exactly what Nissan have done with the Nismo modified, Altima R-Tune.

Packaged with some extensive engine and suspension upgrades, the Altima R-Tune is able to boast over 0.9Gs on the skid pad and runs the slalom 10 mph faster than a stock Altima.

The engine is the smaller 2.5-litre 4 cylinder normally found in the Altima, equipped with a cold air-intake, more aggressive cams, header and a sweet sounding cat-back exhaust system. Brakes have been upgraded with some semi-metallic pads, which, have a strong bite and even squeak like most performance pads.

Interior changes come in the form of a Nismo shift knob and floor mats. This way you won’t feel left out of the whole ricer scene. If you’re somebody who likes to buy run-out models or done-up family sedans than the Altima R-Tune may excite you.